Speaker Guidelines

Speaker Guidelines

  • Speakers play a pivotal role in any presentation or any event. Speakers delivered the production of the speech professionally, and the moderators scheduled the time slots of the exhibition.
  • An adequate time slot for the Q & A schedule will be allotted, not hindering the program.
  • The speaker must speak slowly and clearly during the delivery of the presentation. The word choice must be simple and effective.
  • Usage of the graphics for 1-2 mins of the presentation improves the focus on the talk.
  • The presentation style must be unique, extraordinary which impress the audience.
  • The presentation room must be ready for the speaker to deliver the presentation.
  • 20 seconds will be allotted for the graphic visualization
  • There must be a limited word count for the titles, subtitles, and captions.
Key note Speaker Guidelines
  • Keynote Speakers are the prominent speakers who deliver the presentation at the start of the event
  • The keynote speaker discusses the central theme of the conference
  • The keynote speaker provides a concise introduction of the lead presentation
  • These speakers are experts in their respective fields, and they try to deliver their best
  • Keynote speakers are essential for conferences, trade shows, summits, and the other corporate functions 
Virtual Speakers Guidelines
  • Virtual Speakers are essential for the virtual meetings
  • Must teach Zoom call or Web-ex services usage to both the speakers and the moderators
  • Q & A polling instructions and guidelines must be introduced so that the speakers can get aware of them
  • Must Update the webinar checklist before and after giving up the presentation
  • Presentation set up and must follow recording guidelines
  • Design the virtual presentation formats
Moderators Guidelines
  • Moderators provide a clear, precise, consistent schedule and the agenda for the presentation, along with the date and the time slots.
  • Moderators are considered good collaborators, and they maintain community leadership.
  • In most cases, all the sessions and the presentations were pre-recorded and broadcast at the scheduled time.
  • The session and the presentation delivery are scheduled into engaging online content.
  • The volunteers or the students can help at the back end to schedule the virtual presentation.
  • The moderator can follow the tips and the tricks of the virtual presentation so that it doesn’t hinder the actual presentation.

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