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World Conference Series is a non-profit association that is led by energetic and young organizers. Our unique advantage is our expertise in the field of medical and scientific conferences as well as publishing of abstracts and papers. We have been successfully organizing webcasts, conventions and conferences across 22 countries.

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World Conference series is a Professional Conference Organizer dedicated to hosting webinars and conferences which are arranged by our highly regarded organizers to meet the goals of the scientific community. It’s an excellent opportunity for both speakers and attendees to join this conference and present their ideas.

Open Scientific publishers will also receive additional advantage from our expertise include publishing and peer review of medical and scientific abstracts, and journals.

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Join as Editor

We always welcome the talent that mutually benefits for both organization and the society.

Any Book or Journal is incomplete without editing. Therefore, Editor plays a crucial role in the publishing industry. Any Suggestions for the betterment and improvement of the journals will always be valued.

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Join as Reviewer

There is always opportunity for good reviewers and we welcome them to join us.

Reviewers evaluate the Journals, Abstracts, and Article according to the requirement, be it quality, accuracy, and completeness of the research presented. Reviewing helps researchers, authors, etc. to make better decisions.

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